Private Christian schooling is a high-investment, labor-intensive venture, but when developed as an intentional, intensive, formative curriculum committed to shaping young people as agents and ambassadors of God’s coming kingdom—the investment proves to be wise stewardship. And it is needed now more than ever.

The preliminary build-out plan for
Legacy Christian High School is in four phases.

Phase 1 Phase I is the successful completion of the entitlement process for the 52-acre property just west of Roseville. Phase 2 Phase II will begin with construction of the campus and initial land purchase for an estimated cost of approximately $120.1 million. While our priority will be core academic areas, other structures for athletics or arts would be included, based upon community financial support. Phase 3 Phase III, at an estimated cost of approximately $60 million, will represent the final construction of academic and arts facilities. Phase IV would comprise the final build-out of the master plan for the campus, currently estimated at a cost of approximately $18 million. Completing the master plan will be a function of campus growth and our continued capital campaign successes.

Strong community leaders have come together and devoted thousands of hours in research to develop a vision and philosophy, and have already invested significant sums of their own money to find the ideal campus site, secure a purchase option on the land, develop a site plan, initiate the many studies and the process to obtain the necessary County approvals and other agency permits. Their belief in the importance of this project for our children’s future and that of our region, nation, and world’s future is unwavering. While it has been critical and meaningful, other strong, influential and committed community members are necessary to fully execute this vision into reality.

Gifts can be pledged over a five-year period and are tax-deductible, as allowed by law. Planned gifts such as bequests, charitable gift annuities, or other long-term gifts are also welcome. Naming opportunities will also be available, offering donors many opportunities to leave a personal legacy. All donors will be recognized for 
their gifts.


Build your Legacy.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us by supporting the building of Legacy Christian High School for His glory—His kingdom’s sake.