Community Focused

Private Christian schooling is a high-investment, labor-intensive venture, but when developed as an intentional, intensive, formative curriculum committed to shaping young people as agents and ambassadors of God’s coming kingdom—the investment proves to be wise stewardship. And it is needed now more than ever.

Students at Legacy Christian High School will be part of a strong, caring Christian community. Our core beliefs of leadership, faith, legacy, integrity, wisdom, service and passion will be infused into every course by faculty and staff. Training and opportunities for service will start in the freshman year with local service opportunities and enhanced with annual summer integrated learning/mission trips.  Students will learn to model the fruit of the Spirit on the athletic field, in performance venues, in the classroom and in their everyday lives. They will be supported by a cadre of caring adults who will love and accept them and challenge them to reach for and realize their full potential. Christian beliefs are not a requirement for admission to Legacy Christian High School but they will permeate most aspects of campus life.

The most effective learning is fully integrated. Christian schools have a unique opportunity in their ability to teach the truth of the Bible while facilitating a student’s application of it. Rather than insulating and isolating students from the world, Legacy Christian High School will instead teach them how to live within the world—how to influence and transform the world for God’s glory.  Legacy Christian High School will provide a nurturing atmosphere where faith exerts a significant influence on a student’s life.

Many parents attempt to shield their young children from negative influences in society but face a more difficult predicament with teenagers as they move into the larger world with a higher degree of independence.   Most parents are hoping for spaces where other Christian adults will take an active interest in their teenagers; a Christian community of extended family who will challenge them, counsel them, ask about their faith, their fears, trials, temptations, relationships, and their doubts. Legacy Christian High School will be equipped to provide that support.

Commitment to the Future

Quality education means accepting students as God created them, with varied gifts and abilities. It means teaching students at their individual levels of understanding and providing instruction at a pace at which they can be challenged to reach their highest potential, involving a wide range of instructional strategies.

Legacy Christian High School will seek to develop every student’s natural, God-given talent to achieve their unique, God-intended purposes, increasing their chance for success beyond high school. With smaller class sizes, teachers will have the capacity to challenge students to think deeply about complex, contemporary, and ageless matters.  Students will be expected to probe the nature of truth and its application to daily living.  They will sharpen each other as they question, debate, and challenge ideas, concepts, and theories.  Grounded in a philosophy of education that is rooted in the Truth as found only in the Bible, and reflected in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Core Education Beliefs

At LCHS, students will be offered exemplary college preparatory experiences in academics, athletics, and the arts—all of which will be grounded in the Judeo-Christian values of truth, faith, integrity, and service. Students from families of all faiths and beliefs, ethnicities and cultures who are open to accepting a Christian-based teaching perspective will be welcome.

The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.


Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.

JOHN 17:17–18

Design Details

Those who envision Legacy Christian High School believe that leading professions and institutions command the most powerful spheres of influence for shaping the cultural conscience regarding right and wrong.  They believe that if Christians want to shape the moral values of our culture, Christian professionals and institutional leaders must be among those top influencers, and modern Christian educators must reject the mistaken emphasis of past centuries that “separation from the world is holiness unto God.”1 Christian educators, in partnership with parents, must challenge their students to serve Christ by becoming the most excellent Christian professionals in the world.

The students of Legacy Christian High School will be part of a multitude of students across the globe that God is equipping with the knowledge of His Word and a passionate commitment to transform society through their emerging spheres of influence.  This new Christian school, and the movement of excellence it promotes, involves God’s plan to reintroduce Christian faith to our culture. It is a mighty movement that is bringing renewed Christian faith to people world-wide through the professions and institutions of influence that powerfully shape the moral and cultural values of our nation and world, including, but not limited to, education, entertainment, finance, law, and government.

The high standards of excellence, as Valley Christian and Valor Christian High Schools have proven, will attract many non-Christian students as well.  As part of God’s plan to reintroduce Christian faith to our culture, Legacy Christian High School, like Valley Christian and Valor Christian, will accept non-Christian students who meet behavioral and academic standards and are willing to “give the Lord Jesus a fair hearing,”1 with the support of their parents.  Parents will agree to support the school’s Christian philosophy of education and recognize the potential of non-believing students to personally accept the Christian faith.  The experiences of Valley Christian and Valor Christian High Schools have demonstrated time and again that most students become committed Christians and that some students lead their parents to also accept Christ as Savior, as a result of their journey through Christian education.


Build your Legacy.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us by supporting the building of Legacy Christian High School for His glory—His kingdom’s sake.